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ACM Bull Bars Specialise in Truck Bull Bars & Refurbishing and Repairing


With over 30 years of experience in the Bull Bar and Bumper Bar industry.

We build newly designed bull bars that are technically more advanced than others on the market which can result in them being 25% stronger. We design our bars not only from our many years of experience but also from customer and operator feedback, enabling us to supply the industry with ultimate Bull Bars, designed for safety, strength, aesthetics, and performance


ACM Bull bars is an innovative leader in extrusion design.

Our research has lead us to a pipe which takes triple the forces and one fifth the amount of bending than a standard pipe.  ACM uses high tensile aluminium which is 25% stronger than standard aluminium.  These features are not visible to the naked eye, but give our bull bars the ability to withstand greater impact and reduce the frontal damage to the vehicle in the event of impact.  This is a feature which is only appreciated when there has been an incident, which unfortunately can happen very easily in everyday travel in the form of animals and other vehicles.


At ACM our customers safety and the maintenance of their vehicles is our main priority.

After an incident the priority is to get the truck back on the road and the less damage to the vehicle the quicker it can be back on the road.  At ACM our bull bars are designed to give maximum protection to the vehicle which assists in reducing down time.

ACM Bullbars How Strong is your Pipe?

ACM Bullbars high tensile aluminium bullbar pipe was tested with TRIPPLE the load that was applied to the standard bullbar pipe and has 80% less bending.


How strong is your pipe? You be the judge!


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ACM Bullbars How Strong is your Pipe?
ACM Bullbars home page
ACM Bullbars How Strong is your Pipe?
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